“I Acquire Plenty of Attention”

It’s a three-decades lengthy tradition at TSG to have to know the models and what they’re adore as beauties. What turns ’em on or off. What they want with out life. Their backgrounds and experiences, can’t live out of and dislikes. We don’t just publish movie scenes and fotos and move on to the next gal. That’s why the movie scene interviews were produced. Most of you appreciate ’em.

We catch up with Monica Love and, guess what, she is busy ironing a dress. Leaning over the ironing board, Monica wears a low-cut suit and the observe is spectacular. We’re trying not to distract her also much.

The photographer pays attention a SCORE tank-top by her side and asks our fresh adult model to try it on. This is a great way to see Monica’s large, naked boobies for a second. Monica talks about bras, what that babe likes to do on dates, how often this babe spanks herself and more. That babe is very natural. This babe also laughs and smiles a lot. Like almost any XL Cuties, Monica is girlfriend material.

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