Lady of the Juggs

Mistress of the Mammaries

Smiley Emma is not very smiley in this scene that explores a different side of her. A way different side. Her hair slicked back and constricted, Emma’s humongous mangos are rammed into a darksome under garment. She’s strapped into a dark-skinned leather corset and holds a dark lash that that babe flagellates her funbags with, and later, her hirsute bawdy cleft.

The Canadian cam-girl attaches clamps to her teats one time she is removed the dark tape over them and resumes whipping herself, then widens her snatch wide for a shoving. Yes, this is a different kind of Emma.

If time were frozen for Twenty four hours, what mischief would Emma receive into?

Said Emma, “I would go around slapping people in the face with my mangos and receive all the boys rigid so that when time resumed they would wonder why their faces hurt and their jocks are subrigid.”

More amazing to be tit-whipped than acquire whipped by a lash.

What’s the finest compliment a guy has ever thrown at Smiley Emma?

“The majority valuable would be that my smile and personality has brightened someone’s day when they were down.”

We think Emma knows we cant smile out of her.

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