Mia Sweetheart & The Man From Deep Fingers

Mia Sweetheart & The Man From Deep Fingers

Lovely Mia Sweetheart could use some relaxation. A massage by a guy with strong hands is just what she wants. Wearing only a robe, she walks into the massage room ready for action.

Dropping the robe, Mia gets on the massage bed eager for a deep massage of her very large tits that are the talk of the town, her creamy thighs and her pillowy ass–the kind of butt no one would ever leave behind.

The masseur gives Mia his happy fingers rubdown treatment, using generous amounts of oil on her breasts, legs and tush. This takes time and this masseur is in no hurry. We’d feel the same way in his place. Mia deserves A-list preferred client treatment.

To top off the massage, he uses his vibrating wand on Mia’s boobs and stiffened nipples. His complete treatment has Mia cooing and making other pleasure sounds the entire time. She’s really horny now. When he leaves the room, she sees he forgot to take the wand so she rubs her pussy with it, enjoying the intense tingling.

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