Buxotic & Patriotic

Buxotic & Patriotic

Cheers for the red, white and blue, colors that look especially priceless on Melissa Manning’s wild curves, hills and valleys. Some of the pix in this photo set are plan to be printed and hung in garages, man-caves, military barracks, gym lockers and other citadels where the woman anatomy causes severe eyestrain, in celebration of the Fourth of July. Hopefully the Army, the Marines and the Air Force will not cry dirt that the Navy sets off the fireworks this year in Melissa’s photo-shoot.

Melissa can really provide the firepower to a bathing suit. But bras are a different story. “I abhor buying bras because it’s rock hard to discover the right size,” laments Melissa, a common complaint with SCORE and Voluptuous glamour models. When we can, we try to offer aid. It is gratifying that we can assist curvacious beauties such as Melissa detect their real bra sizes so that they can go about their days in comfort.

“I am constantly adjusting my bouncy bosoms in my undergarment. I mean, I don’t do it in people’s faces, but if I am out and no one is looking at me.”

There are many who do want Melissa to adjust herself in their faces. Adore every chap in SCORELAND.

Pleased 4th.

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