A Dude Always Urges Moore

A Woman chaser Always Urges Moore

Whilst remastering this scene, Maria Moore’s courting philosophy popped up in our one-track minds ‘cuz it was so unparalleled and different. She explained it the 1st time the editors met her in person. The subject was a 1st date.

Maria: I’ve a theory about the first date. I guess you should have sex first. Why waste your time having dinner with somebody u do not like? I suppose you should just receive it out of the way and inspect if the sex is nice, and then, if it works out, have dinner.

XL Girls: Let me get this right. A lad asks u out…

Maria: I make no doubt of in him coming in 1st and rogering me. I invite him in and have sex. That’s my choice. I have been rejected a diminutive in number times and had a scarcely any bad dinners, but it usually works out to one as well as the other of our advantages. We have sex and we unwind during dinner. We’ve a better date, and, certainly, we like each other more. I guess that’s a more valuable way.

XL Girls: U know, almost all beauties crave the dinner 1st.

Maria: They don’t! They just think they wish the dinner first. That’s the problem. It’s a rule, and they think they wanna have dinner 1st, but they do not truly want dinner first. They desire sex. It works up your appetite, then you wish priceless food.

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