Maggie Doubles Her Pleasure

Maggie Doubles Her Pleasure

Thomas covers Maggie‘s eyes with his hand as that gent leads her into the abode. He has a surprise for this busty brunette. That surprise is Chap. On today, he and Thomas are plan to double Maggie’s enjoyment and keep her filled with ramrod at one as well as the other ends.

Maggie’s wearing a constricted, white tank-top and a short petticoat. They will not be staying on her body for very long. Maggie’s getting her dream proud this afternoon, and that dream is 2 bucks giving her the hard wood from one as well as the other sides. Share and share alike is the message.

The bucks feel Maggie up, caressing her zeppelins, kissing her sensitive neck and rubbing her haunches, all to warm her up for their three-way sex party. Off comes her tank, down goes her undergarment. Each gent takes a rigid nipp in his mouth to take up with the tongue and suck.

Taking a jock in every hand, a topless Maggie fills her throat with one during the time that this babe jacks the other. At one point, she not quite attempts taking both cocks in her mouth at the same time. Thomas lays back on the couch so Maggie can blow and jack him while Gent eats Maggie out.

Maggie desires to be screwed. That babe turns around so that her ass faces Boy during the time that this babe proceeds to suck off Thomas. That ass is tempting to Lad. He spreads Maggie’s ass-cheeks open and gently slides his slab into her cum-hole. That ladies man starts to build up thrusting speed. To acquire it in her slit even deeper, Maggie raises her leg for him to hold, all the during the time that blowing Thomas hands-free.

This is only the starting of Maggie’s intensive threesome as the temperature in the living room heats up to sauna levels.

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