LuXXX Life

LuXXX Life

It’s cum expose time for Jordyn LuXXX, a chubby cutie who loves being a gamer beauty as well as reading and watching Netflix. On her to-do list: hawt air ballooning, skydiving and bungee jumping.

XLGirls: Do u always wear a bra?

Jordynn: I typically always wear a underneath garment. However at home, or with certain outfits, I can not. I am very favourable to still have perkiness to my mangos. I enjoy going out of from time to time. I usually wear tank tops and constricted shirts. I love the stares. It makes me smile and blush.

XLGirls: What do your livecam fans ask you to do the almost any?

Jordynn: I haven’t cammed in quite some time, but when I was, I’d say flash my fullsome funbags or twerk.

XLGirls: Do u like looking in a mirror during sex?

Jordynn: I can honestly say yes! I like seeing myself getting screwed and I like seeing the man’s expressions as well.

XLGirls: Do you view your scenes or porn in general and have sex?

Jordynn: I haven’t ever viewed my scenes whilst having sex, but I do view ’em.

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