Naked Behind Bars

Bare Behind Bars

Prisoner #36J Lucy Lenore is unjustly jailed. This babe was detected guilty of being likewise hawt. This is a charming phat jail. Lucy can wear her skintight dresses and high heels and no one complains. That babe does need a favor. She needs u to aid her bust with out this place. If you receive her out, she’ll get u off. Sounds like a great deal.

“I like guys who take control and talk messy to me in couch and out,” Lucy says. “Men who tell me exactly what they wish and let me know they’re loving what they do to me.”

Adore many XL and Voluptuous models, Lucy has a heck of a time finding bras that fit well. Lucy’s not wearing a under garment in this scene. Her pantoons are firm and fully packed so this babe doesn’t need one. Any bras sent to her wouldn’t get past the prison metal detectors in any case.

“In 8th grade I was a D-cup. When I finished high school I was already larger than DDD! I haven’t been skillful to buy a below garment off the rack for years. I don’t adore bras with padding. I can barely discover attractive clothing now. I buy lacey bras but when I go out I need to wear a sports bra below or the wires dig into my ribs.”

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