Recent Discovery

New Discovery

Say greetings to our latest: Lucy Lenor. Lucy is a cute, corn-fed Midwestern goddess with down-home sensibilities and down and bawdy carnal cravings. We await her to become a fast much loved amongst the Brotherhood of XL Men.

“I’m into some marvelous kinky ram,” Lucy said. “I adore a little thraldom, and I am into submission, likewise. I adore role playing. Let me be your woman.”

We’ll let Lucy be whatever that babe wishes to be as long as she promises to keep showing us those funbags of hers, which are all-natural 36Js.

You may be wondering how we discovered Lucy. Well, the way we met her is one of our beloved things about her. Like we told earlier, Lucy has down and messy cravings. And that even applies to her career coz this babe runs an adult bookstore in Ohio.

“I’ve sold SCORE Group magazines at my store for years,” that babe told. “And I by no means thought anything of it, or that I could be one of your glamour models. But one day one of my regulars mentioned it to me and thought I would do well. I saw the advertisement on the back of the magazines, and here I’m.”

Here she’s, gentlemen. Your recent J-cup discovery. That babe sells porn, and now she’s in it, too.

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