Wobblers Over Miami

Boobs Over Miami

London Andrews lived a nomadic, very atypical lifestyle as a glamour model for years and this babe blogged about it regularly. I called her the “Beat” adult model. This babe traveled from town to town, city to city, posing for every kind of photographer imaginable, most of them amateurs. Many of them were amateurs with handsome technical skills and creative technique. So the pics London made, either for intimate collections or for the photographers’ personal websites, are often better than the work of skilled photographers who discharge mechanically with no passion for their subjects. There are countless photography enthusiasts all over the States that no one knows about. London would detect them. Or they would discover her.

London was constantly on the go, doing one lengthy road trip all over USA. Almost every state in the US. The yearly Burning Charmer festivals. She was love the lady equivalent of the two boyz in the aged TV expose, Route 66, driving all over the USA.

That babe one time wrote: “Jack Kerouac’s 1957 novel On the Road is considered one of the defining works of the Beat Generation…I am plan to re-live the journey London Andrews style – as an art glamour model, half nude, pumping gas on an LA street for some cash – life is enchanting, live it.” It was a difficult lifestyle at times. These days, London seems to be settled down in one place.

London made solely 2 full-sex hardcore videos and one Bra buddies & Tugs jack-off video. That was for SCORE merely. This babe not at all did another to this day although that babe would have been booked on the spot if that babe went to Los Angeles. Shooting porn regularly didn’t appeal to her.

“On a archetypical day if u ever ran into me on the street, you’d not at any time look twice,” told London. “My hot clothes are well broken in. The jeans are torn, my boots have observed four continents, my shirts go straight to my neck and I do not wear make-up. I do have admirable things. I just wear ’em when I feel that I’ve to.”

“I like pushy, coarse sex,” London said when she was at SCORE. “That satisfies me just admirable! I am not a passive person in ottoman and I am not a passive person in life. I have my close friends, my ass call allies, whom I can call whenever I need to receive off.”

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