Lola Paradise: Topless Ironing & Other Activities

Lola Paradise: Topless Ironing & Other Activities

When you’ve got a babe like Lola Paradise, even routine household chores like ironing is something to feast the eyes on. Not that anything XL Girls models like Lola do could be called routine. Halfway through her ironing, Lola takes off her tank top and finishes her chore with her naked boobs dangling.

Ironing is serious work, and all work and no play is not good for Lola, so she takes a boob break to enjoy her big, juicy breasts and pleasure her sweet, shaved pussy.

“I don’t masturbate that often but I like to do it when I make videos knowing guys will watch and get horny,” Lola said. “I prefer to be fucked by dick! I’m not really interested in girls. I like big dicks. I love long, hard sex almost every day and I am more passive than assertive when I have sex, but not always. I like to play the slut.”

Lola was excited to have a pictorial published in Voluptuous magazine Vol. 27 No. 3 and sent us some pictures of her holding that issue.

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