Lisa’s Two-Man Wazoo Party

Lisa's Two-Man Gazoo Party

Lisa Canon is a very popular regular at XLGirls. That babe broke her on-camera cherry here in 2010 after seeing XL Angels magazine and writing us. At first, that babe posed solo, then contacted us merely a week later, quickly willing to ride hard and acquire put away juicy. Lisa is now a noted graduate of the XL Beauties modeling academy.

“I’ve always been carnal, but sex in private is so different from sex with a expert lady-killer who knows how to teach a angel what poses work superlatively fine and how to move her body, and a digital camera five feet away from me…very different,” Lisa said in the starting. “It opened up a brand new world to me coz I applied to XLGirls out of ever modeling a day in my life. I would by no means been naked in front of everything but my mirror and my boyfriends before.”

In this scene, Lisa’s double-penetrated by two hard-pumping pipe-fitters in “Lisa’s Two-Man Booty Party,” one in the cookie and one in the butt.

Lisa always satisfies her boys. “Thank u for giving us Lisa Canon,” wrote T.P. “She is one of my favorite models. A angel love her is athletic to be pounded, and I jerked my 10-Pounder so rock hard to her that I was sore.” Welcome to the club, T.P.

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