Lily & Her 34G Cups

Lily & Her 34G Cups

Direct from London, it’s the Lily Madison bra show starring one of the newest hotties in the new wave of British invaders. A beauty who knows her bras and what kinds of sexy outfits to make your life rock hard, Lily adult models her selection of fresh tit-holsters and then digitizes herself during the time that the Caribbean sea laps the shore behind her.

What’s the funniest reaction Lily remembers getting from a boy when that fellow saw her?

Lily: “Guys just always shout things about my mounds adore, “Hey, large wobblers!” That’s about it. At no time everything likewise imaginative. I suppose if a ladies man ever said everything imaginative, he’d probably acquire my attention.”

What if a charmer does meet u and wants to receive to know you. What should this chab do?

Lily: “Well, he probably shouldn’t try to put his face in my mangos, which has happened previous to. Chaps have told, “Can I put my face in your whoppers?” They shouldn’t do that. If u can make me chortle, u have a chance. I love boys with a precious sense of humor.”

Lily’s movie scene awaits. More is not at all sufficient.

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