Soap Cutie

Soap Girl

Lilith was identified by one more SCORE Gal. Feature dancer Exotica was appearing at a undressed strip club in St. Louis, Missouri and Lilith was a house dancer who gave hawt tub and daybed dances. Lilith was a lot more curious than her co-dancers about Exotica and what her life was like. They got amicable and Exotica recommended that Lilith apply to SCORE after seeing her greater than run of the mill, natural mambos. And that’s exactly what happened.
Lilith’s first discharge was in April, 2001, a set in which this babe drenched her lusicous body in man cream and sucked and tit-fucked a banana. Her interview was very humorous and one of the rare group interviews by Dave Rosebaum, Elliot James and Joe Monks plus the videographer. It was adore a cram conference. Our kind of cram conference.

SCORE: What’s your own prefered way to satisfy a boy in couch?
Lilith: Regular sex. And I love tittyfucking.That’s what you boys call it, right?
SCORE: That’s what we call it. Do you love lots of that?
Lilith: Yep, I do. It turns me on to check out it more than anything.
SCORE: Are you very vocal when a skirt chaser bonks your meatballs?
Lilith: Sometimes I want him to do it. “Fuck my boobies. Bonk ’em,” I’ll say.
SCORE: What satisfies you most nice?
Lilith: I think actual penetration. We just shag.

Five months later, Lilith returned for a hardcore launch after thinking it over.

Lilith has a admirable, soapy scrub in this movie, one of her last scenes. The phat setting was an Oriental bonk palace with a hawt tub. Lilith drops her robe to disclose her buxom body in a miniature bikini. Instant boner. Lilith and the stunt-cock play around with her boobs and a-hole in the water but filming sex in a tub doesn’t work so they moved over to this little Oriental bridge and drilled on it. Lad, this location had everything. Lilith was super-horny and she jerked her date’s jock hard and fast with her own hand until that charmer popped on her larger than run of the mill marangos.

To her credit, Lilith at not time discharged for another studio until that babe prevented modeling in 2006. This babe posed solely one time for one more photographer but had a miserable time and regretted it. “He kept making me jump into a pool and my feet kept hitting the bottom. It hurt. At not time again,” Lilith told.

Lilith was a regular for years, modeling with Annie Swanson and Autumn-Jade, and ultimately appearing in 20 magazines and ten DVDs.

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