DDD Texan

DDD Texan

“I like it when a buck makes the 1st move on me,” says Lexi Summers. Girls do not cum any cuter than this Texas transplant. “Guys hit on me a lot. It makes it very, very rock hard for me to detect a spouse just coz I acquire bored so fast and I’m always encounter fresh boys. I like a defiance, though. Confidence is very hawt to me. I suppose it’s important for a boy to be very assertive.”

“I have had a lot of people say that my milk shakes are great, but then once more, tons of boys think my love bubbles are okay and then just go straight for my a-hole. It really depends on what they can’t live with out. I guess it is what they have pleasure.”

“I think that I am more aggressive with dudes and with hotties I am more ardent. It is a lot more giving a kiss and excitement. With bucks it’s wanton and hawt and a lot more aggressive. I adore vixens with big breasts. Or, love, bigger than average butts. U need smth to hold on to.”

“I am one of these angels who really likes to give head. I relish it. I hear stories about men who have to entreat their girlfriends to suck their dicks. Not me. I’d at not time ask a lad to supplicate me. I would offer to do it.”

True girlfriend material.

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