A Blonde Named Krissy

A Blond Named Krissy

How to receive Krissy Dawson off with a larger than average orgasm: Lick her muff until you look like Pruneface from Strapon Tracy. Shag her hard in missionary; she on the couch, you standing. Kiss her mouth and neck and stick your tongue gently in her ear. Let her sit on top and grind your meat-axe.

When she’s not in front of a digi camera back home in Prague, either showing off her big mounds, fingering her cookie or engulfing shlong, Krissy is watching a clip, a hockey game (hockey is monumental in the Czechia) or listening to music.

Krissy says the most-fun job she’s ever had was wrestling. She is a little mysterious about that, but each sweetheart has to have her little secrets. Maybe in a Prague night exotic dancing club? We rarely if ever receive emails and letters asking to see XL gals wrestle each other. It is been not quite ten years since we made our 1st and solely wrestling DVD, the Busty Ladies Of Greasy oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.). Depending on your responses, it is smth we’d be glad to look into.

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