Red Sexy Kitty

Red Sexy Kitty

Final enjoyed in the horny video “Kiss My Booty Then Copulate It,” Kitty McPherson chats to XLGirls about her masturbation habits. They are considerable! Kitty masturbates a few hours a day. Fingers. Toys. Wazoo plugs. “I masturbate not quite daily,” charming and merry Kitty explains. “I rub my clitoris until I cum two or 3 times.”

And that is just masturbating. Kitty is into fetishes such as S&M.

Aside from all of that, Kitty sings. That babe doesn’t sing at XLGirls (how’d we miss that?) but u can watch her play the ukulele and sing on YouTube. Kitty doesn’t take her hawt garments off, certainly, cuz the powers that be would delete her account. These people don’t love naked girls love XLGirls does.

“Does masturbating count as working out?” Kitty asks. It does in the XLGirls playbook. Flogging her corpulent clitoris and plugging her constricted little kitty is what every fitness skillful we know would recommend.

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