Kitty Cute: Here Cums Kitty

Kitty Cute: Here Cums Kitty

This is the first time we’ve seen Kitty Cute at XLGirls wearing clothing that looks like it was spray-painted on her lusciously thick body. We’d like to see more of that in the future.

When Kitty is not shooting photos and videos, she’s enjoying time with her friends, singing and dancing.

“I get so much attention and I like it but sometimes it’s too much. I like romantic dinner dates, going to the cinema and enjoying every day.

“I think I have sex maybe two-to-three times a week, it depends. I like kissing and touching, a good massage and oral sex. I prefer romantic sex and I don’t care for anal.”

One of the photographers who captured Kitty for On Location North Coast said “Kitty was always asking someone to take her picture, and she’d get into these pin-up poses. She had the time of her life. This girl is a walking pin-up model.”

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