Sticky Kimmie

Sticky Kimmie

It is a big day for Kimmie Kaboom and a bigger in size than standard day for XL Cuties. This great New Discovery is about to be filmed having sex for the first time. It’s 42H hooter heaven.

Kimmie admits to being nervous about it and that is completely natural. The XL porn charmer Tony D. has nothing but hard feelings about her and will train her everything about sex on-camera.

What satisfies Kimmie superlatively good in sofa?

“Having my pussy fingered and clitoris played with but I too love a priceless hard rod in my pussy. I think I like sex in general. It is hard to pick just one thing!”

Like some SCORE and V-mag models, Kimmie is married to a very generous larger than average boob lover and this chab encouraged her to pose for XL Beauties. She’s an “XL Cuties wife,” like Jasmine Jones, Cameron Skye and numerous others.

“I would say I am confident sexually. I mean I know what I want when I desire it. But I can be very passive and let the boy take entire control. I’ve sex as much as possible, at least every morning or night. My hubby is a very contented buck!” Amen to that, Kimmie!

We will be asking Kimmie later on about her 1st sex scene at XL Gals. Now pardon us during the time that we go kaboom!

Thank’s, Kimmie Kaboom.

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