Kelly’s First Unbending SCORE

Kelly's First Hard <i>SCORE</i>” title=”Kelly’s 1st Hard <i>SCORE</i>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=At first a solo flyer, Kelly Madison approached SCORE and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. “I’ll have sex for SCORE mag!” Kelly told. It was an oral job agreement. The topmost kind, especially coming from that hawt mouth which so lovingly wraps around the meat-thermometer of her partner. This Classic is Kelly’s 1st copulate on digital camera from the DVD SCORE Xtra 8. That babe later returned for the video Big boobed Hookers. A businesswoman based in Los Angeles and working in corporate sales, Kelly decided to receive into the adult scene in her mid-thirties. “I was hiding myself very well in a bunch of suits. I’d get the bra that smashed my bouncy bosoms down and to the side. I not at any time wore any indeed hawt bras. I was just into pulling them back and holding them down. U know, the top buttoned up and the suit and anything. It is a very male-dominated industry. I was trying to play with the bigger in size than run of the mill boys and I wanted to not have the disadvantage of having breasts. I thought that would work against me. I started figuring out at the end that it was solely a positive and it was working for me.” A tigress in couch, Kelly knows what this babe likes and goes for it. “I truly have two favorite poses. When I urge to be controlling, I love being on top and being experienced to have my billibongs in his face and being competent to have him observe me. That gives me a lot of stimulation, knowing that he’s looking at me and getting even more turned on. When I crave to be yielding, I adore doggy, ‘coz I can turn around and the boy can come doggy position and seize my bra buddies as this chab shags me.”

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