A Screw On The Wild Side

A Shag On The Wild Side

Kelly Christiansen’s story is love that of a few other SCORE glamour models such as Jayden Prescott and Barbie Kelley. We crave there were more love those vixens. They have husbands that are SCORE Men: browsers, web page members and DVD buyers. Love Jayden’s hubby, Kelly’s generous partner encouraged Kelly to pose, and beyond mere nudity and vagina spreading. Seeing Kelly shag other dudes on-camera (in the safe environment of the SCORE studio) turned them both on. Hardly any husbands are this liberal!

“My boyfriend reads SCORE,” told ravishing, 36H-cupper Kelly. “He’s a website member, likewise, and he too buys some clips. This chab told, ‘Hey, look, they have this BeASCOREModel.com website,’ so we watched the little introductory episode and this chab told, ‘You should do this.’ He was very open about it. And he can’t live with out beauties adore me.” Kelly’s SCOREVideos scene is based on one of her own dreams and occasional “hobbies.”

Kelly loves plan to lap dancing clubs. “I went to a exotic dancing club with my smooth operator, and the beauty came over to dance for us. They had individual stages. And that babe asked if this babe could pull me up on stage, and she was just wild over my zeppelins. That babe told, ‘Can I take off your shirt?’ and this babe took off my shirt. And this babe wanted to take off my trousers, and that babe took off like everything and we pretty much simulated a duet on stage in front of everyone. It was mad. My partner loved it. Guys were watching and throwing dollars.”

In this scene, Kelly is a waitress in a lap dancing club. All of her customers but one leaves. That sounds love one of our fantasies too!

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