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Best Models

Different from most categories of adult modeling, XL Girls attracted many sweethearts who came from average walks of life. They were not exotic dancers or talented entertainers. The internet revolution led many babes to take up adult modeling. Often behind every great woman is a dude who encourages her and likes to see her naked, masturbating and sometimes more. This was the case with Nikki Cars. “It was just for the joy of it,” Nikki told XL Girls’ editors. “It was my husband’s idea. This buck came home one day and said, ‘We should put undressed fotos on the internet.’ So that’s what we did. It was just a pleasure thing to do, and I ended up truly liking it. We by no means really contemplated anything out of it at all.”

Rose Valentina lived not far from the XL Girls’ offices. That babe did not have a ladies man behind her adore Nikki did but that babe had numerous men behind her, and in her, during her discharges. During these years, XLGirls began to produce their own feature videos such as Larger than average Cutie Sex School, Bulky Wishes, Double-Stuffed Plumpers and Plush Control. When My Large Chubby Wedding was being planned, Rose was invited to be one of the co-stars.

Rose identified XL Angels through a ally. “I was friends with his ex-wife and she had larger than average mangos, maybe love a DD or a DDD,” Rose said in a 2009 interview. “She always told me I should come here but I had by no means done glamour modeling before. I decided to try it and sent my pix in and the next week I was in here shooting! U dudes are the best company I’ve ever discharged for by far!”

Arianna Sinn was a popular web cam beauty with out Romania. When we sent a photographer there to photograph her, Arianna was athletic more adore a SCORE or Voluptuous cutie. Six months later, Arianna had plumped-up to XL Cutie dimensions. It was very similar to Kerry Marie’s evolution from slender and stacked natural to chunky honey bunny. Arianna’s steamy sex scenes in the Caribbean for the Mammary Mambo DVD made the tropics even hotter. “I love any kind of Lothario as long as he’s humorous, keeps himself clean and knows how to treat a lady,” Arianna told. “I don’t like fellows who are rude or pushy and must have their own way. I like a buck who is respectful and knows how to romance a woman. Fashionable, kind and generous. Precious personality. Looks donot matter.”

Fascinating Alice Webb always drew adoring emails and letters whenever any of her pictorials were published. She did very little movie but what she did made an impact. The funniest pick-up line Alice has ever heard in her life was, “Excuse me. I am about to go home and masturbate, and I need a name for that face.” A tower of bumpers and gazoo power at 5’10” with 40HH pillows, Alice studied karate for eight years. She can probably knock out a boy with one swing of her mountainous titties.

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