Code Name 42DDD

Code Name 42DDD

A sales and events coordinator for a hotel, Karlee Adams knows how to dress to impress mangos and wazoo guys. Karlee’s tight jeans hit the spot. This babe said that babe would wear this kind of outfit when that babe goes out. At work, she dresses professionally.

Karlee said she has sex 2 or three times a week. This babe loves giving a charmer a oral-sex. Usually she waits for a boy to make the first move. It depends on her mood. She can be either assertive or wait for the charmer to take charge. One time it is on, this man is got a sexy gal on his hands.

The 1st time she had sex, “I was 20 and it was with a worthwhile friend. It wasn’t all that great. We were the one and the other stupid.

“My kinkiest experience was being bound to a cross blindfolded and having hawt wax leaked on me. Then I was flogged until my a-hole was pink.”

Just for the record, it was not at XL Gals.

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