Kamille Amora: What Are Breast Friends For?

Kamille Amora: What Are Breast Friends For?

Brick Danger gets a call from Kamille Amora to come over about a serious matter. Her boyfriend is Brick’s best friend and he hasn’t been giving Kamille any cock for some time. This is not a good situation because Kamille wants to get fucked and as often as possible.

She’s called Brick because she secretly wants him to fuck her, and the lack of sex from her boyfriend has reached critical levels. Brick drops by and listens to her talk about the problem. He gets the hint to move in on his buddy’s girl because Kamille is in her bedroom and dressed in a short skirt, high heels and a top that shows off her XL-sized tits–boobs that are pure man-bait for horny guys.

Brick picks up her signals, but just to make sure, Kamille reaches out to touch him. There are best friends and then there are breast friends. It’s either the bro code and respect your best friend or fuck your best friend’s girl in their bed when he’s not home and make her your breast friend.

Brick takes the high road and fucks Kamille’s mouth, tits and pussy, then loads Kamille’s waiting open mouth with a pint of jizz. Now he won’t have to jack off at home thinking about Kamille. He can just visit when his friend’s not home so he and Kamille can smash.

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