Kamille’s Pool Party

Kamille's Pool Party

Fall is upon us and for almost any of the United States, that’s supposed to mean pulling out your jackets and sweaters cuz temperatures are dropping. Luckily for us, our offices are located in sunny Miami, Florida, where it’s warm year-round. We wish to have a pool party with the enjoyable Kamille Amora whose I-cup fullsome funbags heat things up even more than the South Florida sun could.

When Kamille isn’t shooting with us, she’s a dancer in Seattle, Washington, so this babe is definitely comfortable soaking-in the sun swimming pool side as that babe strips off her gracious clothes. Kamille’s identified some of her greatest talents as a dancer.

“I’ve got all the moves,” Kamille said. “I can pop my arse cheeks and do splits. And certainly, I tease boys with my fun bags. I adore to think I am the superlatively fine out there.”

If you have seen her hardcore scenes, u definitely will not dispute that claim.

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