Jessy Bunny: Covering Chelsea Charms

Jessy Bunny: Covering Chelsea Charms

Although she credits quite a few big-boobed stars for setting her pace, Jessy Bunny says her greatest inspiration in the world of big-bust modeling is Chelsea Charms.

This pictorial pays tribute to Chelsea and her March 2000 cover issue, the only time Chelsea formally posed for SCORE.

Over the years, Chelsea got bustier and bustier. Her polypropylene string implants were the reason for the increases. Jessy wants to go even bigger than she is now, using the more conventional silicone implants procedure.

While Chelsea was a 100% solo model, Jessy loves big-tit porn sex and is completely uninhibited.

“When someone is really dominant, I get turned on so bad. For example, when he slaps my boobs and tells me things like what a nasty girl I am, or when a hot girl with big enhanced lips is licking me, it turns me into a total fuck doll, made for fucking, sucking and pleasure.”

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