Sweater Beauty

Sweater Girl

There’re sweater cuties and there are sweater girls. Crew members of The SCORE Group can observe a girl in a mall, a exotic dancing club or the beach and not be impressed by her love muffins while everyone else is bowled over. Jennica Lynn bowls us over.

“The funniest thing somebody ever told to me was when I got introduced to a friend’s friend and all he could say to me was ‘Holy rogering bra buddies,'” Jennica revealed. We did not say that when Jennica 1st visited the SCORE Group office 2 years ago but we thought it.

What’s the majority breathtaking part of being Jennica Lynn?

“I can usually acquire the charmer I wish. I make sure I’m showing cleavage, get him to view me and then go talk to him. The looks from men and seeing their appreciation and approval makes me feel sexy. “

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