Endless Curves

Endless Curves

Says the magnificent Jennica Lynn (XL Gals On Location on DVD), “I’m used to attention. They always stare. I’ll be walking down the street and heads will be turning from each direction. If I am going out and dressing up nicely, I do enjoy the attention then. During these times, I will wear tops that will expose tons of breast valley.”

Fluent in one as well as the other Swedish and English, Jennica is one of a kind in every way and it was a bigger in size than typical day when we found her on the web. It was an even larger day when this babe arrived at SCORE the first time.

Says Jennica about her growth years, “I think I was a D-cup for the first time when I was about 14. I was about a G at 18. I cant remember the last time I saw my feet during the time that standing up.”

We can watch Jennica’s feet just valuable from our vantage point and they’re as hot as the rest of her.

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