Woman Gagazongas

Lady Gagazongas

Janne Hollan glamour models part-time and is a full-time customer service agent for an auto company in Prague. In her free time on weekends, that babe likes to view ice hockey, go skating or see a recent clip.

Janne’s only 5’4″ but she is a strapping, buxom girl and coz of her height, she looks even strappier and curvier. What a body on this beauty. Janne says this babe loves big things. Big boots. Large bras. Bigger than typical cars. “I adore bigger in size than typical cars and larger than typical trucks,” says Janne. “My fantasy car is a Hummer.” Almost certainly the Prague chaps that have met her would love Janne to give them a Hummer too.

“I view a guy’s fingers, nails and eyes. He have to have fine and tidy nails and, as I told in advance of, have a worthy a-hole in valuable trousers and have a manly, unfathomable voice. This chab should reveal all of me attention and not just my boobs.” That is true. Janne’s round, bubble-ass should get some attention also. It’s meant for squeezing.

The closing shots of Janne hovering overhead prove that looking up to Janne is a very priceless thing to do.

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