Stacked And Serviced

Stacked And Serviced

“Tip?” sniffed Ballsac, the guest in this scene. “I don’t give Jana ze Maid just ze tip. I give her ze whole wang!”

34F-cupper Jana is a maid with sex on her mind, not thoughts of cleaning up all the junk this guest has dumped in the room. This babe loves to use her face hole to vacuum the cum with out the balls of the lascivious guests with bigger in size than standard knobs. Hopefully no one reports this to the Official Czech Tourist Agency.

Jana began in 2005 but she did not look love this. She was slimmer and not nearly as busty. That babe packed on the flesh, the bigger in size mellons and the curves over time. Now Jana’s a brickhouse with humongous mams. Our stylists and some of the other employees checked out Jana ‘coz they weren’t sure her breast growth was natural. This babe was. Jana has a predicament finding maid costumes that don’t rip when she bows forward at the waist. That is why she often wears crotchless underclothes. Her love muffins often fall with out her top.

Why Jana doesn’t have a gigantic fan lap dancing club to match her cup size is a mystery. Some other mystery is how many chicks are named Jana in the Czechia. But our Jana, the immense boobed Jana in Prague, can take consolation in the fact that that babe gets plenty of repeat guests in the block of rooms she doesn’t clean.

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