Ivanna Lace: Fascinating Ecstasy

Ivanna Lace: Enchanting Ecstasy

The 1st sight to bring joy to the eyes is fascinating Ivanna Lace wearing a constricted red dress and entering an apartment. A girl in every way, Ivanna takes off her costume and parades her hawt thick body around in her underneath garment and briefs.

Ivanna slides off her underneath garment and briefs and proudly flaunts off her naked body and stupendous, hot scones. She reaches into a dresser drawer and takes out a big, cock-dildo and rides it to an big O.

“I adore to masturbate when I can. I love sex but if I’m alone, I will rub my cookie and touch my nipps. At these times, I wish I had anybody with me to suck and take up with the tongue my nipples. It is not a secret that I adore to masturbate. In this episode I was riding my toy in ottoman like I ride a smooth operator. I love to move my arse in a doggie pose.”

Ivanna attracts boys like bees to a flower. “They are always asking me how big my titties are and can they touch ’em. Some males are very forward.”

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