Ivanna Lace Finds Her Happy Place

Ivanna Lace Finds Her Happy Place

The one pick-up line attempt Ivanna Lace remembers is, “Your smile is so beautiful, I forgot where I needed to go.” We can understand that. It’s called being boob-drunk. That’s something intoxicating Ivanna inspires in the guys who are lucky enough to see her and even luckier, to meet her in the flesh.

“I love to go shopping for sexy clothing, shoes and lingerie. Some for wearing when I take pictures and some when I go out. I also love to go camping. My craziest dream is to go skydiving and I want to swim in the Pacific Ocean one day.

“I love to dance. Men say I am a very sexy dancer and I excite them. All of my life, since I can remember, many guys paid much attention to me. That is one of the reasons I became a web model.”

It could be the universe was telling Ivanna which direction she should turn to.

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