Icy Sexy

Icy Hot

When Brandy Ryder was here in May, Tom enthusiastically commented, “Brandy’s glamour modeling skills are on expose and they are excellent. This babe truly knows how to kindle a guy by moving erotically and looking into the digi camera.” Now Brandy reveals off her bod once once more with the classic men’s magazine outfit for sexy chicks: darksome nylons with garters and a matching lacey bra and thong set. It may be traditional but there’ll always be room for that style no matter how things change. When that babe gets her undergarment off, Brandy chills her areolas with an ice cube, then drops her briefs to ease in 2 fingers and rub herself the right way and open her fresh pink twat for the digi camera to enslave in close-up. Stripping off absolutely except for her tall heels, Brandy’s closing images are full-body dish contestant poses. Hands-off her body with front, side and rear views to brandish off her voluptuously shapely and lush shape.

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