How To SCORE With Hawt Beauties

How To SCORE With Hawt Girls

Dulcinea is renting a abode from an “art collector.” This smooth operator eyes the chesty and leggy brunette and knows a work of living art when that stud sees one. She enters the abode wearing a taut, low-cut top that show off her treasures and ass-hugging shorts. Brick figures he should throw a proper housewarming party for his new renter and Dulcinea is game for that.

SCORELAND: Did you see the scenes u discharged last time in our studio?

Dulcinea: Yep! I couldn’t wait to check out ’em.

SCORELAND: Did u view them alone or with anybody?

Dulcinea: My boyfriend and I viewed all of them together, but I’ve also shown ’em to numerous of my friends. In fact, my almost all wonderful friend from high school was truly proud of me so that buck viewed almost any of them with his girlfriend, as well.

SCORELAND: What did u think?

Dulcinea: I totally couldn’t believe it was me, indeed. I’m typically so demure, but I feel love being in front of a digi camera is my calling! It’s adore I just sort of blossomed. It was likewise a stupendous turn on to see that I could hold my own with skillful schlongs. Everybody has been so supportive. The superlatively admirable reaction was definitely with one of our swinger friends, though. This chab was so stoked I did adult modeling, so he wanted to check out it in advance of that man and his wife played with my hubby and I. It was elementary to tell that guy was really relishing watching me cuz this lady-killer got kooky hard in the 1st few seconds. I was also nervous to make the 1st move, but I should’ve gotten things started by mouthing his schlong right there!

SCORELAND: Have you had sex while watching your scenes?

Dulcinea: Not yet but I plan to with my new scenes, for sure!

SCORELAND: Has shooting your original scenes changed you at all?

Dulcinea: Yes, remarkably so! I used to be so self-conscious of my body and my own sexuality. After coming here and being treated adore a queen– getting my hair and makeup done, being styled, and getting to fuck insanely hawt boyz! –there was no way I could go back to being quiet, shy, little ol’ me! I’m much more assertive approaching people now, because I watch myself as sexy.

SCORELAND: Do you love looking in a mirror during sex? It is not like watching yourself in a video but it can come close.

Dulcinea: Completely! I used to have a headboard that was a mirror, which was always epic. Mirrors are especially enjoyment during orgies and bang.

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