Honey Boombalottie

Hottie Boombalottie

Who’s that girl? She is playgirl boombalottie Marilyn White, a newbie who’s fresh to XLGirls and real eye-candy. Marilyn has an glamorous bod and a enjoyable, beautiful face. She widens up to let us once more find out her hot, pink vagina and brown-eye, and her generosity is appreciated, believe us! Marilyn describes how a goddess as stacked as that babe is worked in a combination porn store and exotic dancing club. This is lovely stuff ‘coz we all wonder about the gals who handle the counters in adult mag stores. Almost any of the time, very, very not many come close to somebody who looks as good as Marilyn does. No wonder that the customers kept asking her when she would dance on stage, likewise. Bursting with ripeness, Marilyn remembers one of her horniest times in school. “My husband at the time and I were in class together and during the time that the teacher was standing right in front of us giving a lecture, I jacked my partner off underneath the desk. After that skirt chaser got off in my hand, I quickly had to excuse myself to the restroom to clean off without anyone noticing. I know I have had other kinky encounters but that has always been the one that’s really stood out in my memory!” It is a valuable thing for Marilyn and her hubby that the professor didn’t practice the Socratic method and ask Marilyn to stand and answer a question! For the record, we’ve invited Marilyn to try that hand at a boy-girl on XLGirls. Marilyn‘s on the fence about this so let us give her some encouragement. Comment underneath and be persuasive!

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