Hands-on Bartender

Hands-on Bartender

Channel is a busty bartender with excellent customer skills, the kind that’s impossible to find.

“I’m proud of my age. I am 5’3”, my breasts are a 34H. I’m all-natural, of course. I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina and I have three kids. I like dancing, going to comedy clubs and going to concerts. I’m into sports, too. I like watching basketball and I’m a fan of the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles. I think that’s about it. I’m a pretty simple and easy-going type of girl.”

And how does Channel feel about a guy sticking his cock between her big boobs before or after fucking her?

“I love titty fucking. I love to see a man’s cock between my breasts, on my back or kneeling in front of him. I’m not really into girls. Girls are pretty, but I need a man. Nothing takes care of me like a man can. I need a man around. I like all types of guys. Guys with muscles, skinny, nerdy, smart guys with big dicks and guys who are average. I like them all. I’m not a size queen. There’s nothing wrong with a six-inch cock. They’re great.”

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