Got Wood? Holly Wood Comes To Give You Wood

Got Wood? Holly Wood Comes To Give You Wood

SCORELAND: You’re wearing mighty hot lingerie in this photo shoot.

Holly Wood: I love fancy, well-made lingerie that shows off my body and feels good against my soft skin. I like seeing a guy’s face light up. His eyes tell me exactly what’s about to happen. The primal, animalistic hunger–that he’s about to have his way with me–gets me wet. I wish I could see everyone’s face when they see me like this.

SCORELAND: What about sex on a first date with a potential love connection?

Holly Wood: Yes, absolutely. Because I’m always horny, and sex–good sex–is mandatory in my relationships. I’m actually very shy when it comes to hot men. I will make a lot of eye contact but he will need to take the first step to say hello.

SCORELAND: You began modeling when you were nineteen but things changed when you began with SCORE.

Holly Wood: It showed me how much I love being on-camera and how much I love being filmed having sex. I haven’t looked back since. I’ve met so many people because of being in SCORE. I’m eternally grateful for the connections and friendships that have blossomed.

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