From Army Veteran To Glamour model

From Army Veteran To Model

“Before I met my hubby, I went out with a lot of boys who just didn’t respect me sufficient to observe my face,” told Elaina Gregory. “And I’m all about respect. I served in the military and that is a greater than average thing for me. I served in the army and I was stationed in Texas. I met my partner when I was in boot camp, indeed.

“We dated for about two years on and off. But previous to that, all the bucks were like, ‘Look at that angel!’ and ‘Did you watch that angel?’ pointing at me. I mean, even though I was in uniform and it was a baggy shirt, you can’t hide bouncy bosoms adore mine. And we would run, like, daily, or each other day. So, I had to secure my boobs with a support undergarment and love 3 sports bras, just so I could run. I would go to the store on the base and buy, love, 3 or four sports bras and they would ask, ‘Do you indeed need all of these bras?’ And I told, ‘Yes!’ And I mean, back then I was merely an F-cup.”

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