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In this reformatted scene, Brianna Falcone takes on a fuck-pro and gives him a hard experience. This brickhouse told that babe buys 44DDD bras but doesn’t always wear one. “Sometimes I like to go out without a bra just to observe the chaps stare at my chest as they bounce,” says Brianna. “Not all the time, of course. I need to wear one for decency’s sake or I’ll attract too much attention and u know how catty and wicked other vixens can be in public.” Tanalize! We like it.

Brianna commented about her first time.

“My first raunchy experience was receiving oral. No one was home and that ladies man ate my cunt on my parents’ ottoman. I’m very orgasmic. I like to cum. I’ve always played with my cookie, not from lack of great sex but from wanting some other climax. I have been with other cuties. In my Twenty’s I was so attracted to one of my closest friends that I would tell my husband my fantasies about doing her together so one night I brought her home. A golden-haired and a brunette hair. Everyman’s fantasy, right?”

You got it, Brianna!

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