Field of Dream

Field of Dream

Lavina Fantasy‘s fantasy is to become a masseuse and perhaps open her own salon one day.

Lavina grew up in a little village near Bucharest.

“When I was in high-school, people started to watch my fun bags growing…and growing,” Lavina said. Her voice is nearly an exact duplicate of the Romanian great, Arianna Sinn.

Lavina’s bust grew to its current size (43-inches) when this babe was 20.

“I love larger bras so my milk sacks can fit comfortably. My whoppers are larger than typical enough that I do not get to wear slight bras to make ’em look greater. But I am very proud of my body so I love to wear constricted dresses and blouses. I like that people view me. Once a fellow said to me that this chab would love to use my fun bags as a pillow. This gent told it funny so it didn’t offend me.”

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