Oral Alfredo

Fellatio Alfredo

“I want you to feed me this fettucini alfredo, noodle by noodle. But in advance of I take the 1st bite, hold it under my nose and let me smell it. Tease me a little. Make me urge it even more. Then let me take up with the tongue the sauce off and slurp the noodle between my lips. Put it on my face and drag it on my zeppelins. I adore to get covered with ball cream. When we’re done I want my body to be absolutely covered. Just adore you feed me to satisfy me, I’ll bonk and suck u to make you cum. Drag your pecker across my lips just like u did with the noodles. If u put some of the pasta on your prick, I’ll swallow it even deeper. And when you finally put your wang in my twat, I’m still gonna be slurping down those noodles.”

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