Every single day Is A Hooter Holiday With Blake Emerald

Every Day Is A Hooter Holiday With Blake Emerald

“This is the first job I have had enjoyment in, for sure,” said Blake Emerald, “My very first job was at Starbucks and that was indeed enjoyment likewise.” We’re convinced that Blake getting stripped is the most-fun job for her.

One of the 1st things we asked Blake was if she has any unparalleled talents.

“I’m double-jointed and I can turn my arms in some atypical ways. I likewise can sleep more hours straight than anyone I have ever met. I have so many fetishes. I am a true switch and I’ve fun role playing, taboos, and so much more. I am super-kink amiable. I adore people who have virgin fetishes almost all!”

Virgin fetishes?

Run that by us afresh, Blake.

“I mean, I’m a virgin so I’d super like to have some really priceless sex.”

More about that in Blake’s next scene.

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