It is A Bathing suit World

It's A Bikini World

Covergirl of December 2012 SCORE, Estelle Taylor’s 1st appearance generated a valuable deal of positive attention. “Are all the Romanians attractive and big breasted?” asked Whoa. “And I thought Lana Ivans was a fluke.” Here Estelle is back in a teeny string swim dress under cut-off denim shorts. Estelle has the flawless body for it. A former ballet scholar, university student Estelle is interested in furthering her fashion modeling career back home in Romania and loves to view the TV display Top Adult model. “This goddess clearly has attractive whoppers and is right up there with other favorites of mine such as Raylene Richards, Anna Song, etc. So what if she’s a bit bashful…please give us more of this beauty, preferably in a number of different settings such as bathing, oiling and in various costumes.”

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