Dripping Soaked

Dripping Wet

When Terri bathes, boob radar screens all over the world light up. “Terri‘s in the tub,” hushed voices announce. Phone lines kick off ringing. “Terri‘s in the tub.” Well, not truly. It is just that the very thought of Terri showering or bathing is enough to raise a ruckus. Do u prefer to see your girls in the tub or showering? Terri told us that her mammaries went from a J to a K. “Well, I knew that I was type of due to move up a cup size ‘coz they were growing. So, I went up to a JJ-cup and then all of a sudden, I didn’t fit into my bras anymore. And it was ‘cuz I had gone up to a K-cup. I got measured and I’m a K-cup. They are charming heavy. I think they weigh about a stone each. I was said that they wouldn’t grow after I turned Twenty two, but I think they will.” We hope so! Now Terri will describe how that babe puts her brassiere on. “I usually fasten it up front and then swing it around to the back and slide my arms into it. If I try to put my arms in it 1st and then fasten it behind my back, I am there for long-time.” What else can Terri tell us previous to we leave her? “Guys love to view me at the Health Exotic dancing club.” That’s nifty but we acquire a much more nice see than these lads!

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