Dream Gogo dancer

Dream Stripper

Dallas Dixon recreated an old-time striptease display in a retro-video homage to the old-school burlesque angels. “Do u like my love muffins? Don’t u wanna watch ’em?” this babe asked.

Why do some girls ask those questions? Do they think we might say, “No! I execrate your milk sacks and your ass…they’re too greater than typical and heavy!! Keep them overspread up!” OF COURSE, XL Chaps ADORE Dallas’s zeppelins and have ever since that babe initially debuted.

Dallas’s milk sacks are killer and she’s got a great looking body, hot legs and feet and a beautiful face. Dallas wasn’t a professional glamour model. That babe has a regular job that this babe toils at. It is boring and routine.

Dallas told this babe looked at her big boobed body in the mirror many times and thought that boys would like to see her fun bags, but she never did everything about it until that babe discovered The SCORE Group’s busty magazines, DVDs and websites. This babe obviously loves showing off her body for the digital camera. That babe is married and her partner is nifty with it. Dallas could have had a career in porn if this babe wanted it. But her only DVDs are Hooter Hospital and Chubby & Humped.

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