The Fantastic Ms. Fox

The Excellent Ms. Fox

“Dolly Fox is amazing as always. SCORELAND keep this foxy pleasant heart coming back.”- Runefox

“It is rock hard to explain how hawt Dolly is. I guess the ultimate way is to say: ‘I’m drooling over her magnificent body.'” -Bordux

It may not seem love it yet it’s nearly one year since Dolly Fox hit SCORELAND. Both mag and web boys have been crushing on the blond fox since then.

SCORE: Dolly, how do u prepare your mind for a discharge?

Dolly: Well, I always try to make the sex the night previous to that little extra naughty, so when I think back during the discharge, I just get turned on some other time.

SCORE: So u think about sex while you are being filmed. What do u detect is the unsurpassable part about adult modeling?

Dolly: I love everything about it. The journey to different countries, rencounter fresh people and making fresh allies. The nude modeling itself certainly, but also watching the result afterwards and it turns me on when it receives positive reviews. It gives me a great feeling to be receiving great comments and 5 star ratings. It’s what keeps you going. The fact that I’m self-employed is good too. It gives a certain freedom, although there also comes a lot of responsibility and it doesn’t come simple. Merely rock hard work delivers.

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