Devin Does South Beach Part TWO

Devin Does South Beach Part 2

In part 2 of the XL Cuties Classic DVD Devin Does South Beach, the award-winning XL adult model Devin Taylor, is lascivious to be awaking up in the town by the ocean, Miami Beach. After bathing and having an big O, Devin prepares to journey some of the area. She dresses but feels that her top is not hawt enough. After all, Miami Beach, love Las Vegas, is a sex and breast-drenched town.

Devin gives a decision to change to a lower-scooped blouse. This way, the tourists could savour seeing her noted girls bounce as this babe strided. A smart young dominatrix Devin is.

“This is getting to be the pin-up doll, getting to dress up and wear nice-looking gracious clothes and make-up and high heels,” Devin told. “I love lingerie, and I always wear matching bra and thongs, even beneath sweat pants. I do that for me! I merit it.”

Devin strolls by the world-famous beach near her swanky hotel, her bra-busters trembling and bouncing with every step. That babe returns to her luxury suite to try on some clothing purchases in scenes that will induce wrist spasms.

Devin takes advantage of the Miami heat by adding her own heat. That babe heads to the terrace to oil her stacked body in the sun cuz nothing is more admirable than oily jugs. Then that babe caps off her plush afternoon by luxuriating in her personal hot-tub.

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