Devin Does South Beach Ch. THREE

Devin Does South Beach Ch. 3

In Chapter 3 of the DVD Devin Does South Beach, chesty delight Devin finds herself bored with board games. Breast games is a more worthy idea. “How about some titty teasing?” she sweetly offers. “Do u love my under garment? I love it! You’ll like it even more wonderful when I take it off.” And whilst we as boob bucks enjoy all bras ‘coz they hold the things we like, Devin is correct. We love bras better when they’re on the floor.

Devin has brought some boob novelties with her on this journey, and play with ’em this babe will. Mini-suction bulbs for nipp elongation that you will see in bizarre close-up. Areola clamps. Two breast pumps. All the things a huge-breasted cutie needs for a week in Florida.

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