Delivery Of Sex

Delivery Of Sex

“I have fantasized about trying porn for years and years,” Lucy Lenore said us. She’d worked in an adult shop and knew all about XL Gals and other SCORE Group magazines and DVDs. “But I have always kind of been…’Little Miss Sinless.’ So it was unbending for me to cross that invisible line. But I am actually happy I did.”

Lucy now has a recent job. That babe works for a web-based company called Boobereats, delivering meals in her car to people at home or at the office.

Now, delivering meals is no greater than average deal so the people behind Boobereats needed a marketing angle to differentiate their service. They decided to only hire hawt cuties with greater than standard milk sacks and butts and thick, squashy bodies. There is some other difference too…Lucy drives over with a meal delivery to a guy. After this babe drops off the food, that chap gets the deluxe, neverseen Boobereats experience: The driver sitting with the customer and joining him.

But await, there’s more. Lucy takes her top off so the customer can touch and motorboat her plush melons. The meal is quickly forgotten.

But expect, there’s even more. Lucy gets absolutely stripped, tells him to get exposed and sucks his shlong to the root. At least somebody receives to eat. For the main course and dessert, that lady-killer acquires to fuck her whoppers and furry cookie until he spurts a load on her face which she licks up.

Technology…making the world a more good place for fellows who like thick vixens.

XLGirls: So Lucy, what’s your prefered sort of breast play with a boyfriend?

Lucy: I indeed like light breast play. I am not large on biting or pinching that area. Be admirable to the cuties. They’re downy for a reason.

XLGirls: You are one of the few who don’t shave their cookies absolutely shaven.

Lucy: Yeah, I’m. I loathe shaving completely. I’ve very sensitive skin and I like having a little down there. And I love hair on males likewise!

XLGirls: What have u been doing latterly?

Lucy: Recently, I have been on-webcam and trying to build up my personal content for my own site and stores.

XLGirls: What do your livecam friends wanna see the almost any?

Lucy: They appear to be to ask for tons of up-close and personal time with me. I am open to all kinds of kinks and play and I suppose my livecam friends appreciate that!

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