Dawn’s Bahama Vacation

Dawn's Bahama Vacation

Before Dawn Stone from North Carolina went on the Fourth Boob Cruise in 1998, that babe and a veteran SCORE photographer traveled to The Bahamas in May, 1997 for this now-Classic episode, little-seen in years. It widens with Dawn in her hotel room couch talking in her hot, country angel voice about what her plans are for the voyage. She tosses off her tank-top to show her spectacular body (this was filmed previous to Dawn super-sized her mounds) and dresses in one more reservoir and island-style petticoat to visit the local shops and vendors.

Dawn heads to the pool area of her hotel wearing a silver bathing costume that had tourists’ heads spinning. After a not many minutes in the whirlpool, Dawn leaves for the beach. They managed to detect a deserted beach so Dawn could undressed all for her cameraman. That was not easy but they had fine luck finding this secluded span of shore. Later at the hotel, Dawn showers and shaves her legs and muff. After her busy day, a valuable, healthy cum is what Dawn desires so that babe receives into sofa exposed and makes herself feel wonderful with fingers and B.O.B., her battery-operated-boyfriend. The brandish closes with Dawn catching her flight back to the States.

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